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The Hunter by Adam Haller (prequel page) I’ve been working on

This past summer I was asked to redesign a school/rec league football time logo. The idea was basic enough, the have a ‘G’ that resembles the Green Bay Packers and they want to incorporate a football, or a football player, or something that doesn’t make it look like it is just a ‘G’ in an oval…So this is what I came up with. Now that football season is upon us and they are unveiling their new branded scoreboard very soon I figured I’d share the design

quick morning comic based off of my good friend Adam Haller’s short story ‘compensation of loss’
been discussing senior theses so #tbt my #illustration #thesis
#bbq party! For a new invite! #illustration #food
made a truck for a moving announcement today … so then did this beepbeep
Quick little #adventuretime #painting in my #sketchbook
Recently found this ca. 2012 warm up w/ ‘beer hammer’ written on back in a sketchbook from guest instructor @mikeyburton #tbt #beer #beerhammer
Poo’ve got mail now on my society6
Space dog #sketch #illustration #scifi


I’m very aware this is a handbag themed blog but, I couldn’t resist.  I want all these shirts!!  Who isn’t a Wes Anderson fan.

(Source: society6.com)

I’m sorry :/ #backtoschool #pattern #illustration